Training as container and apparatus engineer.


We are a company certified by Tüv Hessen. This integration makes it possible for us to guarantee the highest quality products and services, the greatest possible safety for employees and industrial plants and act in an environmentally sustainable manner.



  • Preparing components in the workshop to probably portable assemblies
  • brining those for example in the correct position
  • aligning them to measure and angle
  • welding together
  • soldering or screw together
  • assembling the appliances as required and checking

Preparing prefabricated components in a professional manner, performing regular maintenance and servicing at supply and process engineering apparatus, removing harmful components, creation and adjusting exchange parts, carrying out tightness tests.

Our core competence lies on cryogenic plants and is complemented by further working areas as for example the pipeline construction.

The EMM-Industrieservice GmbH a product and service company, a valued partner that supplies products and services based on quality, market presence with strong customer orientation.

You are flexible, creative and you are concerned with completing your tasks carefully and accurately with a high measure of commitment and motivation – then we have a job for you.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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